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Here are a couple shots of the remains of a covered bridge built to carry large steam locomotives and freight trains. Consequently the bridge is much higher than the covered bridges you normally see. This bridge was build in 1925 and is located in Cottage Grove, OR.

Due to the many trees that have grown up around the bridge, it is impossible to get a clear shot of it. It appears to me that the bridge was not totally enclosed on the sides but only the top half. This may have been to allow dissipating steam coming from the big cylinders that powered the driver wheeels. However, that is a guess on my part. This is the Chambers Bridge if you care to research it.


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Awesome old bridge Cal! It is hard to imagine these old bridges made of timbers held the weight of those old steam engines. We visited the transportation museum in St. Louis a number of years ago and they have some monster locomotives there, I will never forget how big the UP Big Boy was.

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That's an awesome bridge. Bob is right it does make you wonder how these timber bridges held the weight placed on them.

The old wooden temples in Japan were also large mega-structures that pushed the limits of timber technology.

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Very nice, Cal. It always amazes me that with limited amount of tools and resources, these structures were built to hold such weight.
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Nice image, Cal.

It is amazing how strong these can be. My son used to be in Odyssey of the Mind and every year our team would choose the weight bearing challenge. Structures made of balsa wood that would hold many, many, manytimes their weight. The kids (and us leaders) learned a lot about structures in the process. I can't remember what our best structure held, but it was unbelievable!
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Good shots Cal and an interesting history.
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