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One would thing downtown is falling apart given all of the pictures I have of it. But in fact it is going through quite the rejuvenation.

From the courthouse steps:

Another shot from the alley ways:

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The first shot needs some explanation since it appears to be simply a photo of a stone wall. Are those strutural cracks or separation between stones? There is some flaking of mortar or the stone itself?

The second shot of the crumbling bricks could be interpreted as graceful dilapidation. For composition sake I would perhaps have personally have liked some background to help with our interpretation.

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Ahhh you are right I should have explained each a little more.

The first one is form a railing at the court house. It appears to be covered with stucco or some kind of concrete skim. Unfortunately it wasn't a very good job and water has worked it's way behind the skim coat. This is what has caused the cracks to for and the stucco/skim coat of concrete to crack.

The second shot is another trip down one of the downtown alleys. If you recall another post of mine from the alley had a gutter that was detached and the wall was bulging as a result. This was the building right next door. Similar occurance caused by a lack of maintenance on the gutters. But you can see the wall to the left has obviously been pulled outward causing that huge crack down the center.

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The shot of the stucco is not too clear hence open to confusion about the delapidation.

The brick wall definitely qualifies. That looks like earthquake damage. Or is just old brickwork that is deteriorating. Combined with your shot of the gutter pipe, these tell a story about the conditions of these buildings.


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