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The Tilsey barn is approximately 30 miles south of Chicago, and is in a state of limbo right now. The forest preserve district would like to raze the structure, but some local residents would like to restore the barn for future generations.

The Chicago suburbs have really grown over the last 10 years, and to support that growth, old family farms have been purchased to make way for new homes and subdivisions. I can't tell you how many dilapidated (and well kept barns) have been razed to make way for new homes.

I hope they are able to save this barn so kids can see what farm life was like back in the early 1900's.

The limestone foundation of this barn serves to level the structure, as it's built on a hill. The original red paint is still evident in the grooves of the old wood siding.

A look inside of barns often reveals interesting items. This farmer saved his old license plates and used many of them as patches for the floors and walls. This one was just laying on the wood floor, it may have been a patch or perhaps he just nailed his old plates to the wall as a display.
(sorry if it's too big, but the details get lost if it's small)

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Nice dilapidation, lapstrake. I hope they don't decide to tear down the barn.

I grew up in California, a relatively new state compared to New England. It is so strange to me that so much has survived here all these years and buildings are torn down and rebuilt in California all the time.

I hate it when I see an old family farm here be subdivided into multiple lots and huge, fancy houses being built. Doing genealogy as another hobby, it's hard for me to see these family treasures destroyed for more space.

Please ignore me if I'm not making sense. I can't figure out how to word what I'm thinking.:roll:
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Don't you just hate the word "progress" when used in the context of urban sprawl?

This is an excellent example of a structure that should be preserved. However, it costs a lot of money and the property is worth a lot more to developers. They don't care about history. They just want to use every acre of land they can get their hands on to build housing of any type.

Excellent photos.


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Excellent shot, I like the one with the license plate on the floor.Dose IL still get new plates every year. I spent my summers in Elgin IL in the 60's and 70's, my grand mother taught in a one room school house in 1903, I belive in Marion County, IL
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We no longer get license plates every year - only stickers; the plates get a bit beat up before we get new ones.

I'll bet the schoolhouse is long gone :-(

Thanks for the comments
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