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In my opinion, the second shot is much better than the first. The first shot has a couple problems. First, the overall appearance is somewhat dull. It is a bit soft and not well lit. Flash might have helped but usually, flash and nature don't get along well together.

The second problem is the framing. You have a large empty area on the right side of the frame. I think I would crop that out or even better, correct the problem when shooting by adjusting the zoom and position of the camera.

Your second shot is absolutely beautiful!


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Nice shots.

Especially #2 which happens to be the same type image I was going to pull out from last weekend's outing. Hope you don't mind.
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Maybe I am unusually right-eyed, but as I often find when cropping is being discussed, I see it somewhat differently. With a few seconds' cut&paste, I tried the cropping for myself on these two fine shots of Bob's. I often try it out for myself; I find I can't judge cropping accurately without trying it. I often have many versions of my own images, and quite often, temporarily, of other people's.

In #1, as it stands with blank space to the right, my eye goes straight, wham, to the fine detail on the jagged edge of the central leaf, framed by the other leaves & twigs, which are a little out of focus. So it's a great example, just as it is,of subtle differential focus. I don't care about overall tonal range; I'm staring at the jagged edge.

If it was my own shot, it would have been an accident, but I suspect Bob may well have intended it. If I crop the blank space off,my eyesgo straight to the out of focus twig junction, and in my view, miss the whole point of the picture.

On the other hand, #2 led my eye distractingly into the green bush in the right hand corner. When I chopped it off to leave a squarer format, I preferred the result, which leads intriguingly round the corner in the distance.

Give it a try for yourselves! I shan't post results in order not to pollute Bob's nice thread.
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I really like the second shot, Bob. It's the kind of color I'm used to seeing around here, but haven't yet. I went down the road just fine without even noticing the green bush on the right, until Alan mentioned it. Now, I can't take my eyes off it, lol.

The first one is a nice leaf macro, but it just doesn't have the power of the second.
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