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Right now, with some of the more than a dozen major fires still burning, Southern California is more a study in black and white. A million people were evacuated, and some will return to nothing more than a scorched slab of concrete that was once their home. Horrific.

Fortunately, we live about 15 miles from the closest of the major blazes -- the one in Orange County that authorities suspect was arson. My daughter and her husband's home in Malibu was much closer to that fire, but the winds kept blowing it to the southern end of that community -- where it destroyed a large church and a famous castle.

About the only color I've seen of note this week is a reddish-orange moon glowing through the soot-filled atmosphere covering this end of the state. Even without the fires, we don't really have seasons to speak of -- so capturing one is a real challenge.

So, I went back to a shot I took last October when we lived in north Texas.

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Walter, You guys down south have my deepest sympathies. I have several friends that are down there fighting those insane fires. I saw one of them interviewed on the ABC news tonight.
I hope the Santa Ana's calm for you and they can get the upper hand on that mess.
It is a nice touch of color and holiday cheer at a very sad time.
Wishing you all the best,
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I've been watching the news and you Southern Cal folks have a bear on your hand. Many years ago we had a similar feeling when one of our volcanoes decided to reclaim some property on the Big Island and created a swath of destruction. The feeling of helplessness was sad.

Yes, seasonal color changes is going to bechallenge for us southern folks. I noticed the pumpkin patches in our shopping malls but considering howI revile against them as icons of unbridled commercialism in Hawaii I am going to have to swallow a lot of pride and take some photos.

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I was on the NASA website yesterday checking on the astronauts when I noticed they had video of the California coast showing the smoke plumes. I counted at least seven different plumes, three really large and four smaller ones.

This photo is beautiful--an excellent example of seasonal color with a Hallowe'en flavor. Good work.


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It is very nice to hear that you and your kids have been spared in this terrible fire! Nice looking fall display in your photo!

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Walter, I wish you continued luck. Even though we are in New England, we are not spared the devastation. I have a brother in Simi Valley who has lived through this a few times in recent years. And, some of my coworkers have children who have been some of those evacuated. It sure can be scary.

Nice pumpkin photo.Good job.

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