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I meant to put this in "Submit New Challenge Ideas". Cal et al, please move it there if that would be better.

calr wrote:
........Sometimes I will briefly view a new posting but defer commenting until later. Unfortunately, this removes the arrow/flag and when I come back, I don't always remember which one I needed to comment on and unless someone else posted a comment, thus restoring the flag, I lose track of it. ........
I have a suggestion to assist with this difficulty, which is acute in forums as popular as thisone.

Iam myself in daily difficulty, in this and other forums,through wishing to comment in a thread and being unable to find it again, even in a single forum within a day. I quietly tried my suggestion out a few months ago, and one or two others followed for a while, but I was too subtle,and gave up for fear of being (characteristically) irritating.

(A fertile imagination is a substantial handicap in private life, but wasessential as part of the job as research scientist & attempted inventor).

The problem is, that as requested,we all put the current 'challenge' title as the "Subject", and usually, but not always, a meaningful subtitle as "Description". Both title & subtitle (Subject & Description) cannot be edited or corrected by the original poster, once done.

When viewing and replying to a topic, only the topic title, currently "Seasonal colors" is visible at the top of the page, not the subtitle. So the unique identifier of each thread is not imprinted in anyone's mind but the original poster's, if he or she is both lucky and not as forgetful as me and many others.

What I did for a while was append the subtitle to the main 'challenge' title of a topic, after a hyphen, as well as providing an explanatory subtitle. I could have said...

Title ("Subject"): "Seasonal Colours - Just red and blue"
subtitle ("Description"):"apples & rosehips"

This would add another level of unique identification to each thread, and make it much easier to find later on. Each successive challenge from successive fortnights would still be easy to identify in searches, because the same words would be in place. When viewing a topic, the main title would be visible at the top of the page.

Just a thought!

For an example. see http://forums.steves-digicams.com/fo...mp;forum_id=85from a few days ago, which was in fact an accident, posted in drowsy autopilot mode.I only just spotted it.

With enormous respect & best wishes to all,
Alan T

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Alan, there is nothing wrong with that idea as long as the challenge topic is the first thing on the line. That makes searching back through the thousands of postings to find a specific one easier. Several people do this now on a regular basis.

However, you gave me an idea. Since we moderators have the ability to edit the subject and description lines, it would be simple for one of us to add a "flag" character to the end of the subject line to indicate a post that needs further review. Once reviewed, the flag character could be removed.


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