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Since there isn't much color left here, I'm pulling one out from last year's photos.

I used this in our postcard challenge a while back, too.

Looking at this after posted. Not sure why every once in a while a perfectly focused photo appears like this one has. It is in focus. May be in the resizing.

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Another beautifully composed photograph!

I have the same problem with lack of image clarity from time to time. I think it has to do with resizing and then saving as a more compressed jpeg in order to meet the picture size requirements for the forum.

I wonder if anyone has a tried and tested formula for how to do that... optimum horizontal x vertical pixels, and how much jpeg compression to apply to get to 256 k images.

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nhmom wrote:
May be in the resizing.
Beautiful colours & composition!

Have you tried experimenting with sharpening using USM (unsharp masking). It's allowed round here! It's best at the very last stage, after cropping and resizing, before posting. Do the adjustments in your image editor while looking at the final 800x600 (or whatever) image at 1:1 on your monitor.

Sharpening is an optical illusion, and it has to be viewed at the correct size. 1:1on your (well-adjusted) monitor is the best approximation you'll get towhat others will see when they view the post. Only the very best, veryhigh resolution images will withstand substantial resizing downwards without a visible loss of sharpness at some size, to some degree.

Apologies if you know all this already& have tried it & it didn't work. Good luck!
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Outstanding shot. I love the colors, especially the reflection in the water.

Alan, I have a post-processing script that I run on all of my images as the come out of the camera. It does a color balance adjustment if necessary, clarify (I have that disabled most of the time), an auto-saturation adjustment, and finally USM with default parameters.

If I am going to post the photo, I resize it to 700 Pixels on the long dimension and then do a simple sharpen. Since a USM has already been done before resizing, doing another one is too much and the image quality degrades. The simple sharpen adjustment is just enough to compesate for the loss of sharpness in the resize.


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Thanks all.

I did run the USM on this one. But, did the processing a year ago, so don't remember what all I did to it. It wasn't extensive, though, as I entered it in the fair this year and you are somewhat limited in what you can do to them.

For resizing, rather than doing in PSE, I usually just find the image in Windows Explorer (using WinXP home), right click on the image and use the "Resize Pictures" option in the menu. I select the medium (fits 800 x 600 screen) size. This keeps my original file and just makes a copy that size in the same folder.

I did recently learn to use the USM as the last step. So, that may be the problem. I may have done it first last year.
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