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Sue practises her 'cello part while singing 'The Coventry Carol' (Lully, lullay, thou little tiny child....) just now. She's gone next door to the annual Turkey Supper in the Methodist Church, and she's accompanying herself and a small choir she's got together to entertain the diners.

Unlike bahadir's small children with a large instrument, this is an adult with a three-quarter size 'cello. An uncle of mine, now long dead, bought various musical instruments in junk shops, including this one. His wife hated them, so he gave the 'cello to my Dad, who tortured it occasionally. WhenI married a talented musician it found a good home at last.

Sue hadalways wanted to play the cello, but when young she had to choose just one instrument, and learnt the clarinet instead. This provided her current career as a clarrie & sax& singing teacher & performer. Using the basics she'd learnt when our children were learning by the Suzuki violin method when tiny tots, she taught herself the 'cello.She plays it in a school orchestra with my son. For a while she was, embarrassingly,its principal 'cellist. I wanted her to dress the part as a schoolgirl, but she declined.

She'll hate me for this anecdote, but here's an absolutely true story.On one occasion I actually rushed to an upstairs window to look for a Lancaster or similar heavy piston-engined aircraft I'd heard flying past on its way to, I presumed, an air show nearby. It was in fact Sue downstairs practising very long loud notes on her 'cello's open C string.

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Dear Alan,

First I was excited by the title, nowfeel moved by story in which you kindly found a niche for my little ones also!

Likely to keep itthere, till the daisies grow on my skull...as the lilies loll !


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Ah Alan, I just love your anecdotes. If you ever move to Canada I could use a good neighbor.
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Cheery Ho and Good Show or however you say and/or spell that! We have our poet laureates and our story tellers. Alan thanks for sharing an insight to your home life. I feel like I am getting to know you and your wife. If I ever get over to the UK, Wales is a definite stop to see if this "Alan Guy" is for real.

Thanks for sharing and keep it coming!


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