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Default New Challenge July 31-August 13 Horticulture

Some of the posts in the red challenge encouraged me to choose a horticulture challenge this time around. I love taking pictures of the flora around me and the unusual I find out and about.
Enjoy being outside and searching out the perfect image for this challenge.
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Are Horticulture and Agriculture the same thing?

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An interesting question, but I would think they are not the same. My dictionary defines agriculture as "the cultivation of the soil; the raising of food crops, breeding and raising of livestock, etc.; tillage; farming." There is more along those lines. So agriculture can include animals, while horticulture can't.

Horticulture is defined in this same dictionary slightly differently than the one I used at lunch-time. This one says "1. The cultivation of a garden, or the mode of cultivation employed in a garden. 2. That department of the science of agriculture which relates to the cultivation of gardens or orchards, including the growing of vegetables, fruits, flowers and ornamental shrubs and trees."

In common usage, I would not include ornamental plants under agriculture, thinking of agriculture as being related to the production of food (plants and animals). But by the definition above - cultivation of the soil - then it would be. But then I don't see how fields of grain, which are not ornamental, a fruit or a vegetable, would fit into horticulture but which fit solidly into agriculture.

My big question when I first thought about this topic, was whether flora and horticulture are the same thing, since I was thinking about taking and posting a picture of a Joshua Tree (I was in the Mojave Desert this past weekend) since it is definitely unusual. But then I looked up horticulture in the dictionary and decided it, as a wild, uncultivated plant that's not a fruit or a vegetable, doesn't fit into horticulture.

I know, I think too much!
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Wonderful explanation, thank you.

I'm open to interpretation and would love to see your joshua tree.
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Default Horticulturalist vs gardener

To add another viewpoint.

To us the Wikipedia phrase, " A gardener is an horticulturalist but not all horticulturalists are gardeners."

It appears the gardener tills the soil to grow while an horticulturalist may till the soil but "Horticulturists apply the knowledge, skills, and technologies used to grow intensively produced plants for human food and non-food uses and for personal or social needs.
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