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Default Horticulture: Bananas

For many of us there are only two types of bananas: Ripe and green.
Most of us take the common banana for granted. We simply go to the supermarket or farmer's market nearby and buy a bunch and wait until they are perfectly ripe to eat. The vast majority of bananas sold in supermarkets in the USA are of the Cavendish variety.

The Polynesian ancestors of the ancient Hawaiians brought a different variety of bananas with them when the travelled from Tahiti to Hawaii (2,700 miles) in double hulled canoes guided by the stars and waves. In many Polynesian countries bananas are also eaten green and are generally boiled like potatoes.

The picture below shows the rather unusual variety that they first brought with them:

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very nice, selvin.
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Cool! What do these taste like? Are they produced commercially at all? Your explanation whets my appetite for more information about them.

I've always known that there were different types of bananas, but never payed much attention to them.
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