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Default Circles - Coffee Anyone?

So there I was, finishing a cup of coffee, trying to think of something that could be considered a circle. Got up to make myself another cup of coffee, opened the drawer where I keep K-cups for my single-serve coffee maker. Hmmmm - would a round object shot from above look like a circle? And what would be a good subject to try it on? Decided that a a cup of dark-roast decaf coffee sounded good, so picked that single serve container.

Enjoyed the coffee while setting up this picture:

Then I decided that a circular topic with such a silly subject just called out for a circular lens:

Coffee anyone? Thank you, I'll have a cup!

All right, not great photography - but I sure had fun with this. Could have had something to do with the delicious coffee I was drinking, too.
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very good like it
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Good ideas. I think #2 has the greatest visual impact.
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Great work...thinking outside the box or cup! I'm not a coffee drinker but I've always thought that if you are a coffee drinker, Keurig would be a very expensive way to do it. Not sure how it compares to Starbucks. My wife used to have a Starbucks latte every day until she discovered that they are hard on the waist line. (even nonfat decaf!)


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Well done!
Bob B
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Thank you all - wasn't sure the second two would meet the criteria for the challenge as there's only one true circle and the rest implied. The second one is my favorite of the lot - the third one a last-minute addition as it went with the story.

Cal - the K-cup/single serve cup is not really about expense as much as it is about variety and convenience. But for some people it is cost-effective, if your choice is getting something at Starbucks or a K-cup, the K-cup is definitely cheaper. Since I'm single now it's reasonably cost-efficient. I was always tossing coffee out every day, and found that a pound of coffee would go stale before I could use it up. Because of that variety was out of the question. But with the K-cup, I can buy more than one flavor and have a reasonable expectation that I will drink it before it goes stale. I'm not trying to re-heat coffee I made hours before when I want a second (or third or fourth) cup - nice to always have a fresh cup, and they brew in little time.

However, I can see it could get very expensive for families. And it's not for true coffee connesseur - while the coffee is fine for my uneducated tastes, and I really enjoy flavored coffees, many would roll their eyes in horror at that. And the K-cup machines, which have the most varieties, can't do the frothy drinks like true lattes etc. All these things have to be considered before buying one - for me it's worked out great.
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