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Default Circles - Wheel

I'm really struggling with this topic. When is a circle a circle and when does it cease to be a circle? Judging by the number of people posting to this topic, I think I'm not the only one.

I don't think anyone can really argue that there's several circles in this photo:

I'm still not entirely pleased with this shot - I love the idea of it but it didn't quite work when it was in color. I think it's half-way OK once I turned it into b&w, but I still think it's in the "almost" category.

But going back to the "when does a circle cease being a circle" question. The rim of this LED light is a circle when looking at it straight down. But does it cease being a circle when you look at it from a different angle? It's not perfectly round but rather an oval when examined from a different angle. But does that make it less of a circle? The plastic still encircles the lights. If I were to lean over a bit more it would again be a round circle.

So is it a circle or not?
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In a perfect world the shadow of the wheel comes closest to the definition of a circle. There does seem to be a consensus among those submitting that the perspective from which the circular object is photographed and its inherent non-circular appearance does not necessarily disqualify your entry.
Calr's description of the theme did not specify that the circles in the photo must be strictly "a circle." He seemed to leave some wiggle room.
However having said that he still has the last word since it is his challenge this fortnight.
I actually like your first shot. To me it almost appears to be an optical illusion which I adore.
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I'm for a interpretive stance. If a circle is projected on a tilted surface it will apoear as an ellipse. How it APPEARS and what it IS are two different things. My criterion would be; is it a circle? Then, how am I seeing it?

And I like the first in B&W. Good form and clever... IMHO. -
Bob B
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