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Default Breaking things/Straight on Dead center

For me coming up with a bad example is way to easy. Had this been taken at an oblique angle and centered it wouldn't have been so bad, but straight on dead center gives a very flat affect. The only thing that creates dimension here is the blurred background and beveled edge frame.

What's really funny is that when I saw this picture on my screen after downloading it (a couple of weeks ago), the first thing I thought of was 'yikes center square on the rule of thirds'. Then it almost became my avatar with the caption 'what rule of thirds?'

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Yours is just the sort of photo I was hoping to see, and you analyzed it so well, too. Some of us are succeeding without meaning to, our photos fitting neatly into the idea of thirds, but you've shown what happens when a photo doesn't fit the idea. Thank you for your willingness to do this.
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Old Feb 28, 2004, 9:39 PM   #3
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Personally, I often follow the rule. But, I really like the photo above. For some reason, I just think it works dead center.

Very nice picture!
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I can't imagine this photo any other way.
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Default Flower Portrait


My intentions were good when I change the contrast of the background and made the flower "pop" from its surroundings but I felt guilty about changing someone's work, hence have removed the image and deleted all files. This was wrong and I am sorry.

I like the image and as Norman states below, it needs to be in the center.

As to breaking the rules, it does break the golden thirds rule but reminds me of a portrait shot, hence the image may not break any rules.

Considering Barbara's comments, 15 minutes of detention hall for two days.

Nice work,

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This flower wouldn't dare be anywhere but smack in the center where you've placed it. The soft bokeh is to me at exactly the right sensitivity. I honestly don't know how this shot could be improved upon.

Rod, a very respectable attempt to play with an idea. But I like the original better. The surrounding bokeh is part of what to me causes the radiance of the flower and the reason why it can be placed dead center and get away with it.
As well, it appears that you have increased the contrast a bit but I'm not sure that it adds to the emotive aspect of the work. Yes, it makes the flower stand out more but my question is, "should it stand out more" in this particular instance? It's subjective completely but I love the original best.
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