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Default No thirds here - Breaking Things

Took this shot just for this weeks challange and it is straight from the camera - no nothing in post processing except the old downsize

I'm not sure how I would change this in post production processing, any ideas?

Shooting Mode: Sports; Tv( Shutter Speed ): 1/640
Av( Aperture Value ): 8.0; Metering Mode: Evaluative
Exposure Compensation: 0; ISO Speed: 400
Lens: 18.0 - 55.0mm; Focal Length: 30.0mm
Flash: Off; White Balance: Auto
Contrast +1
Sharpness +1
Color saturation +1
Color tone Normal
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I don't know.
You could try to crop a bit more off the top, to try to create the idea of the boarder being higher in the air. But do it too close, and it will look very funy (always a risk.)

The usualy thing to do for this is to crop off from behind and expand where the subject is facing. You can't add to the left, but you can cut off to the right. That will also shift the subject more into a rule-of-thirds kinda thing.

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What a great action shot! If it were mine, in post processing I'd crop out the empty space as Eric suggested, then take the tree branch out of the head, but I'd definitely leave those guys in the background who seem to be quite amazed at the feat.

However, with respect to the rule of thirds I think that this photo is "real close" to destroying everything except for one little detail that seems to blow the destruction of the rule out of the water. The left hand of the skater and the faces of those guys I chatted about above seem to sit smack in the center of the intersection of the upper left portion of the rule. Every single line seems to be moving towards the end of this guy's left arm, Even the girl could be interpreted as looking in that direction. What a center of interest, a demand to go there from every line in this photo almost!

It seems to me that your wonderful photo follows the rule dynamically because it appears at first glance to be breaking it, very unique since every other intersecting point seems to break the rule magnificently, yet that one point creates center of interest, subject focus, and a whole pile of good stuff!

Nice job! And anyone please let me know if you think I'm interpreting the rule improperly. I'd love to hear some input on that.
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PKchopper, you most definitely broke the rule! The center of interest is not where it belongs according to the rule, but now here's an interesting tidbit: the rule of thirds isn't necessarily good for high action. Why? Because it leads to a soothing placement of that which shouldn't be soothing. Mind you, this isn't always so, but if there's any place to break the rule, it's in an action photo.
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