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Default Broken - Sunset

This was taken last fall. I tried to be creative with the shot, but it just did not work for me. I'm not sure how I could have improved this shot, from this angle.

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Supposedly you would have put your horizon at the 1/3 mark (which yours is actually pretty close too) but I canít see where you would improve it either. The hill to the left throws the symmetry off so IMHO I feel that is the same as having the focal point off center. Good shot
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And the hill leads you towards the sunset. Its always nice to have subtle (or some times not so subtle) things leading you towards the subject, or around the picture in good ways.

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What a fantastic photo. I personally think that you are breaking the rule dynamically here because "nothing" worthy of being a center of interest falls into the intersections. This is a classic example of why the rule of thirds is a good thing to use because with a simple crop this masterpiece can become exactly what it should be.

Get that sun out of the absolute center. I've personally cropped it both ways, left and right, and it's good either way. If you get that sun to the right or the left then the improvement is 100% immediately. Just get that sun out of the center and I think you will improve the result. This is a great photograph; wow, and the fact that you took it from "floor level" really brings out the dynamic of the light...excellentio! And, as it stands, it teases the rule of thirds and should be cropped if you ever wish to print it out.
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Beautiful colors. I used the scroll bar to crop the bottom of the picture, so that the horizon line is in the bottom third. If the ground on the right is another hill ( I couldn't tell if it was a hill
or a crooked horizon ops: ) then both hills lead into the sunset. All in all, I like it.

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You broke the rule here, and as others have indicated, it requires nothing but a bit of cropping to improve the composition. You met the challenge, however, so a bravo! is in order. All you need to do now is cut off a bit of the chrysalis to release the butterfly.
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Perhaps by lowering the camera position, then tilting it up at a bit steeper angle, the beautiful grasses would be against the sky, without distracting interactions with the background, and the horizon line would be near the very bottom of the photograph - thus breaking the rule, and increasing the strength of the image at the same time.
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