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Yup, it's that little rectangle. I cut my own version of it because I needed a lot more cardboard to block out all but what I was trying to frame. I'm far too easily fooled by surrounding scenery.
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how is it that you take the "film" off it? or am i confusing things?
i think that would be a good way to find the distracting things that can be taken out ......
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Alan, the second post is way cool, what did you do and how did you do it?

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Originally Posted by ImKayd1
Alan, the second post is way cool, what did you do and how did you do it?Suzan
Thanks. As the central tree is reflected in the water it's nearly the same either way up, so I experimented with turning it upside down, thinking it might be a bit of an artwork if a few in different orientations were on a wheel, rotating slowly.

Then I realised the diagonal branches nearly line up, so I took four of each orientation and laid them out on a single sheet using Paint Shop Pro's 'Print multiple images' facility. It looks quite interesting as an A4 sheet. The posted image is just a screen capture off my monitor. Of course I could have done the same full size with 8 full frames on a giant 'canvas' in PSP.

My excuse for it in this thread is that the montage has explicit 'rule of three' lines running diagonally across it, but I broke the rule by having them neither horizontal nor vertical. And as Barbara points out, they don't stand out enough.

My original point was that reflections or other twofold symmetric subjects are pretty common, and surely will often fail to fit a rule of thirds.
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