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Default Wild Card - Waterfalls

It's been a while since I've had time to take photos much, and photography takes practice and work - at least it does for me. 2 weekends ago I took the time to go somewhere to get my Senior Interagency Pass - I think that's what they call it now. It's now good at both national parks, BLM, national forests etc. The good thing about it is that it only costs $10.00 and is a lifetime pass. I've been looking forward to finally reaching the age where I qualified for years because regular annual passes to all the national parks etc. are a whole lot more expensive.

So that Saturday I drove the 5 plus hours or so up to a park entrance, proudly handed them my drivers license and got my pass. That was the purpose of my trip but I couldn't just turn around and leave, could I? Since I was there, I drove some more and went to a famous spot and hiked a trail I had wanted to for years, but never had the opportunity. I had a great time hiking down, past a waterfall (not one of these) to the river above the falls, and then back up. I then drove back out of the park to where I was staying for the night.

Sunday I wandered down to the lake where I was staying (another story), packed up and drove home.

Here's a photo that I took along the trail, as I was almost back to the trail head. The late afternoon light was much better than the noon day light when I started out. It's this type of scenery that makes it hard to go home and not stay another day.

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Beautiful! for a moment I thought it was Machu Picchu in Peru, you live in an incredibly majestic part of the world, and the photos do it justice
Bob B
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I like it very much. Either I missed it in your posting or you didn't say where this it.

Could you please humor an old man (just a month away from 70!) and give the location.


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This is a lovely shot. I am so jealous that this beauty is so accessible to you.
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Thank you all for the compliments.

Cal - this is one of my favorite places in the world, though this is the first time I hiked this particular trail. I was hiking the Panorama Trail from Glacier Point to Illouette Falls in Yosemite. I was curious to see if anyone would mention the location as Nevada and Vernal falls aren't seen together at the same time from the valley floor, and I can't remember if they can be seen together at Glacier Point, I think you have to hike a little bit down the trail I was following.

The lighting was really flat for most of the hike - that's what I get for starting to hike around noon on a hazy day. Here's a stitched panorama I put together from frames taken when I was starting out, it shows just how dull it was, not the greatest picture in the world. At least I didn't have too much dynamic range for the sensor though.

I also took what turned out to be a totally boring/lousy picture of the back side of Half Dome. Without it's iconic half face, it looks like any other granite dome. I still enjoyed seeing it from the back - I always wondered what it looked like on the other side.
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Only 62 for the pass. Hey, I'm not that far away.

BTW, enjoyed the shots.
Comments and suggestions for improvement welcome and appreciated.
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