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Default Colorblind- Country road

Hola everyone. I'm a new guy to digital photography, and I'm looking for some advice. I'm using a Kodak CX 4200, simple point and shoot, along with the EasyShare software that came with it. This is actually part of my first attempt at digital photography. I took a walk down the road behind my house and took some pics. I am the son of another user here: DX 6490. He got me interested in attempting the challenge, so here it is:

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Another chink in the color armor! I much prefer this photo in b&w because it emphasizes the path leading into the photo formed by the road. There's an interesting difference between the trees on the left and right sides of the road. The ones on the left have a look reminiscent of infrared photos where the greens end up looking almost other-worldly. The effect might be enhanced by darkening the ones on the right. Give it a try. If it doesn't work, so be it.

And a hearty welcome to the forum!
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Welcome! Enjoy your visits here! I sure do. You must be my new neighbor because your road looks just like mine! I think you did a good job with your first challenge - the composition is very nice - not too busy, not too boring. I would have tried to do something about the shadows in the foreground, tho. They are a bit distracting and don't add anything to the picture for me. I'm not sure how to correct it, tho, since i don't know what it is. If you crop them out, you lose the nice perspective and the speed limit sign, which adds something to the picture. If that's your shadow, why not try at another time of day, or from the opposite direction? Or crouch or (if it's safe), lay on the road for a worms' eye view?!?!?

I hope you are enjoying your new toy - it seems as tho you are. I was happy with my Kodak DC240 for a couple years, then I just had to buy "up." I'm glad I did. I think Kodak has a good line of cameras - mine served me well.
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Default Welcome

Welcome to the challenge and digital photography. One of the nice aspects about Barbara's forum, is we are all winners, winners because we particapated and were willing to share our photos.

This is a good first effort at B&W conversion - nice work.

One of the nice benefits of digital photography, is film cost. This has allowed me to shoot more images of a single subject than I did when I worked with film.

The internet is a wonderful resource for digital imagery. You may want to visit www.luminous-landscape.com. This is where I started to learn about digital photography and I am still learning, thanks to this forum.

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and the ability to delete at will doesn't stink
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This photo shows a good sense of balance, simplification, and selection. Welcome to the group, d_e!
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