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It is only about 6 miles from where i live now. My father was born in 1906 and mother in 1914. as you see I was born very late. My older brother went to Korea before i was born. It is very rural and we were sharecroppers and very poor. At this time there was still 4 chidren at home. We lived here about 2 more years and Dad took a job as a bulldozer operater and we had to move. The house was owned by Asberry Pylant, It is now torn down and a new is there. My brother used to walk or run the five miles from school so he could play football. Both my parents are passed away. Dad in '81 and Mom in'95. My oldest brother is now 73 and the young girl on the porch is a widow of 60. I miss my parents very much. I was only 27 when my father died and 41 when Mom passed.
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Yes, I can understand missing your parents. I still miss mine.

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DX...the great message in that story is that love was omnipresent even in the face of the struggle of sharecropping. It kinda puts a nice shine on the real values in life. Cool stuff.
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Oh, DX, I really am sorry about your parents. Mine are two in a million and are perfect for my sister and I. And I'm sure yours were the same! I can't even imagine mine not being around. I don't want to. I'm sorry you have to.
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They live on, Rick, in both your photos and in your mind. This, the lives they maintain, is the true value of photos. They are a portion of memory. And thank you for telling the rest of the story. Now, not only are you remembering, but so are we.
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