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Default Good Old Days - ??????????

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WOW sensory overload. Processing... processing..........
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Default Spectulating


The era is probably easy to guess but the reason for the happiness and the location is, perhaps, more of a challenge.

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My guess...

Rod is making his little brother put his mouth around his thumb like it was a candy (I had to change the word because the s__ word was banned). The "x" is Rod, and clearly that thumb is being sucked by the other child (computer programs, ack, the word sucked is allowed but not the same word without the "ed" ending) Since I am also a "little" brother I know how naughty big brothers can sometimes be. Naughty Rod, hehe.

Testing: sucked (yep, it's posted) suck (nope, it's not) Computers...you can't live with them and you can't live without them.

What an excellent photo. I wish I had a higher resolution copy of it so that I could really see the goings on. I'll bet hundreds of us viewers have copied and pasted this little gem into our paint programs, zoomed in, and enjoyed the antics.

Unfortunately the resolution of course cannot be as high as is necessary to really enjoy this photo fully. Cool stuff!

PS, Rod, according to the rules I'm not sure if you are supposed to be commenting yet. Cut and paste from Barb's directions: Post your photos without a single word. We donít want to know who, where, what, or when. Letís sharpen our observational skills, seeing how much we can tell about time, place, people and things by just looking at the picture. Continue being silent in your own thread(s) until the last couple of days of the challenge when you should divulge all. Naughty Rod again, I just love bugging big brothers, but what a great great photo, no wonder you're excited to chat about it!

Now, Rod, if you want to comment on my comment, you can't. Hold back the waters until the proper time, and then let the flood waters roll out!
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family reunion?
hmm....maybe 1930s? i'm bad at this
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I'd say 1930s to 40s, the doll a child is holding is either a rag doll or rigid china type, both popular back then.. Rod could be a relative of the child with the cross drawn at the bottom of the picture. I believe this was taken at a fair or fete, some kind of fundraiser. There has been some kind of stage act put on, one of the crowd is dressed like Al Jolsen with the painted face although without the white mouth paint, maybe playing a black American slave. Im wondering if it is some kind of school fair and the children are gathered together with the parents for a photo.
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It's a victory party after some kind of political campaign. Rod is that child with the X if this is the late forties (?)
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I'm completely lost on this one. There's something on the right that could be a flag, but it could also be simply a canopy. Everyone is dressed in clothes that are good, though not the fancy party sort, and I don't think they'd be dressed this way for a fair...though what do I know?
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Hmmmmm....It is either a family reunion (obvious) or less obvious...

The extended family is reunited after its absent members are released from Ellis Island to rejoin them.

It is, if nothing less, a wonderful story of generations...
and how fate (and cold winters?) play a part in
its creation.

Interestingly, this is not unlike the working boats photos that
this member has previously submitted in this forum.

Kudos, Rod

Your photo evokes great curiosity in this viewer.
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Given his other posts I'd say a reunion of survivors or holocaust escapees.

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