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Default DOF & Circle of Confusion Article

An article about digital DOF and the circle of confusion may be found at:


from the article:

The N-times-F Rule:

The depth of field of a digital camera with a lens of the 1:N focal length equivalence ratio at a given F-setting is the same as that of a 35 mm camera with a lens closed down to the aperture number of F multiplied by N.
- J. Andrzej Wrotniak

The depth of field of most digicams is about 3 to 5 times greater than a 35 mm camera set at the same f:stop. This a result of the small sensor size used in digicams and the circle of confusion.


P.S. Do I completely understand DOF and the circle of confusion? NO, I am still in the fog:

The Susan McAllister approaching the barge Pequeco II. She is 85 ft in length and fitted with twin 1,200 hp Caterpillar engines derated to 900 hp each. By today's standards, the Susan is a small tug compared to the new tugs of 3,000 to 5,000 hp. The image was taken Tuesday 04/13/04.
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That's a very interesting article. Thanks for posting a link to it. I noticed in my attempt at the DOF challenge with my close up pictures shot at F2 that the depth of field was a lot greater than I had thought it would be. Now I know why. I'm still running around in that circle of confusion however!

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Whoa! Great photo Rod! I've been in love with tugs since a time before I can remember, having been raised on the shore of the Hudson River.

As for the DOF business, I've got to say that anything beyond a certain point of technical is also beyond me. What you quoted translates to undifferentiated noise in my head.
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