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Default Seeing Double: Rod's Nothing Is Real,Only The Matrix Is Real

Rod, you shouldn't provoke : I can't help Matrix fakes.

Here it comes, a rather messy stuff :

P.S. :
Layer 0 :
- Copy & Paste of your web site home page ( Just press Print button and the screen will be pasted to your Clipboard )
- crop

Layer 1 :
- Adjustment Layer (Solid Color Fill , a (0,170,0) RGB value )
- Setting Layer Opacity to small values.
- The purpose of this layer is to color your home page with the greenish Matrix color ( Does everybody know that scenes located in Matrix have all been colored to greenish while scenes located in the Real World have naturl skin color with predominant blue backgrounds ?).

Layer 2 :
- Copy and paste of my Matrix Screen Saver
- Layer Blend Mode : Lighten
- Opacity : 70 %

Layer 3 :
- A Text Layer with your sentence, written in "OCR A Extended Font", green color, of course

Layer 4 :
- Duplication of Layer 3
- Smart Blur to provide some blurred area around the font ( there are other ways to do that, like level effetcs ).

Here you can find another fake of mine playing with Matrix and Layers, along with the usual P.S. description :
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This is very nicely executed!
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Our very own, very talented Sergio strikes again!
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lol nice one sergio
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Default Matrix


Nicely done and the work, it must have taken some time to put this all together. The composite image is wonderful. The layering of images with the matrix coding appears a visual representation of the machine language - very creative.

I watched The Matrix for the 1st time Tuesday. I know, I am behind the times. The special effects were great but even greater was the concept. The idea of humans vs. machine-people is not new in literature. The film, The Matrix, took the concept to a new level and asked the philosophical question what is real and what is not. Sometimes, I ponder this question.

Someday humans will develop a sentient machine. When this happen, it will open a philosophical Pandora's box.


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