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Mmmm... Crawdaddies. Actually, DX, you are right - I wasn't laughing at you. I had, just last week, in the depths of my moping, clipped a "Mutts" comic strip where the kitty steps out onto the front doorstep and (sighs) and says "woe is me." The next panel, still slumped over, he puts on his hat and toots his horn. Third (last) panel he says, "Pity Party." I hung it at my desk to remind myself not to take myself (and life and my job and things that bother me) too seriously.

But seriously, for you, I really do feel for you. I would have been devastated if my *istD had arrived with problems.
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Hello DX6490...

Sorry to hear of your misfortunes...

If nothing else...perhaps you go out and purchase a one-time disposable camera.

If do not want to opt for a CD of images, I would be happy
to scan your prints for you and get them back to ASAP along
with CD of your prints.
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Thanks DGF, I have two Pentax SLR's and a host of other cameras and a scanner. Just not enough time to shoot a roll and get processed. this time of the year a construction company owner is very busy. The camera will be back and my ason will return with his P&S, Sun. He called last nite and said he had some great pics of D.C. but didn't get the changing of the guard as his batteries went dead. Maybe this problem is a family thing. :lol: Betsy, if a person can't laugh at themselves then they are a sourpuss. I was just kidding you about laughing at me.
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