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Yes, Bill, that's what I was talking about--not lens distortion.
I recently did a practice piece of my living room, using sixteen
photos, allowing for huge overlap because of all the horizontal
and vertical lines. It was, nevertheless, painstaking work fitting
the puzzle pieces together. That's when I realized it all would
have worked better had I been able to slide the camera both
horizontally and vertically without changing the angle of the
camera. I even got thinking about putting the tripod on a
skateboard for horizontal movement and using the center
shaft of the tripod for the vertical movement. But I didn't have
a skateboard.
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Unless your room has nothing in it except what is on the wall, that isn't likely to work.

Parallax is the issue. Furniture will be in different positions relative to the wall. That
might be able to be dealt with by carfull choices of shots and stitch lines if the furniture
is sparce. If the carpet has a patern to it (and is in the shot) there will be no way I
can think of to deal with that stitch. Stretch a string as a reference and try it
hand-holding. I think you will see the problem.
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Actually, the photo turned out really well, but it wasn't a panorama taking one photo after another along a horizontal. It was three photos top to bottom, move slightly to the left and take three more photos top to bottom, then move to the left again...and so forth. I can see the slight warping, in particular where the ceiling and wall meet, but over all, it worked a whole lot better than I thought it would. Mind you, the width of the area was 16 feet, so there wasn't as much opportunity for everything to slowly but surely disintegrate.
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