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To all of you who replied, Thank you!

To those of you on this forum that I consider "masters" (tho' I sense that you all do not consider yourselves "masters"), it is especially gratifying to this humble photographer that I receive your praise and feedback.

You inspire me. You do!

To Photosbyvito...your unabased enthusiasm that you convey in your posts I senseis a manifestation of the exuberance with which you approach life. I consider it a privelege to receive your feedback. May you never lose this exuberance!

Now, here is a little history on the photo...

It was shot in Kansas, near the Flint Hills with my trusted, now departed Oly 2100uz.

The "photo"spoke to me...

It said...

"When one door closes, another opens..."

Andnow a little, self-disclosure, ifthis forum membermay be so permitted, about the motivation, the "vision, if you will, for the photo...

A few years ago, the woman I asked to marry me married another man...three months after I asked her to marry me.

A fewweeks after these "events", my mother suddenlylostthelove of her lifeof many years.

So, you see...though oneoption "closed"...an opportunity to serve "opened."

Thank you kindly for taking the time to read this rather lengthy post.
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Digcamfan, you're a person who knows about doors, and you know about them in the way I was thinking when I issued the challenge. Doors are extremely symbolic, and you obviously understand their greatest significance. Blessings on you.
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