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I apologies for the poor quality. I was taking pictures of our four month old puppy called Pickles. Most came out poor, I'll have to play with the camera settings. Anyway, she is a Border Collie, Kelpie cross. Over here Border Collies are the sheep dogs. In Australia and America Kelpies are used to herd cattle. This picture gives you a vague idea of what it must look like to have one of them coming at you if you were a sheep. That's what I'm hoping anyway. Does it meet the challenge?

She isn't very well today. She was throwing up at 4am this morning and has been crapping for England. Her gut was making all sorts of noises. We took her to the vet and he said she had a tight gut. He suspects something may be stuck but it could also be gastric, but isn't overly concerned at the moment. She is being starved for 24 hours and is going back on Monday. If she gets any worse before then we'll have to take her back and he'll open her up. She is sound asleep now but when she is awake it's as if nothing if wrong.
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Nice one Ferny. If i was a sheep and saw her coming at me i'd run too. :-)I hope your dog is okay. It may just be something she ate while she was out, my dog is always picking stuff up and occasionally get bad guts from it.
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She's got the look of a dog with a work ethic!

Dogs will eat almost anything. The shepherd mix I grew up with once ate an old rag. She felt atad under the weather for a while.

I always assumed border collies were the dogs of choice for nearly all types of herding. As a matter of fact, I've never heard of a kelpie, but that doesn't mean much of anything because I'm fairly breed-stupid about dogs. (Ask Cowboy 43 about his own choice of breed for herding. :-) )
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A great shot of a lovely K-9.

Hope Pickles is feeling better.

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