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Could you ever imagine a different color but red (rosso) for a F1 Ferrari ?
This is a work on a shot of a Shumacher's F2001 Ferrari I took in autumn.(http://brtsergio.fotopic.net/c63467.html)

Hope you like it.
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P.S. :

Layer 0 (Gradient):
- Gradient ( Reflected Gradient Type ) from grey to black, centered on Ferrari's body

Layer 1 (Chequered Flag):
- Searched for a chequered flag on google images.
- Found, selected and pasted
- stretched
- some gaussian blur on it in order not to disturb

Layer 2 ( Scuderia Ferrari Logo ):
- Searched for a "Scuderia Ferrari" (Racing Team Logo) on google images
- Found, selected and pasted
- Bevel and Emboss (Inner Bevel Type) Layer Style

Layer 3 (Ferrari F2001) :
- selection of Ferrari with a mix of magic wound, ellipctic selection, box selection, polygon and magnetic lasso etc etc
- paste
- digital rebuilding of the spoiler on the left ( there were parts hidden by a pole ) with a mix of clone stamp and smodge and blur tool brush.
- automatic levels
- automatic contrast
- unsharp mask filter
- some sharp tool brush on reflections
- sponge tool brush (desaturate mode) on wheels and tyres. The car was placed on a yellow/red chequered base whose reflections where not so nice on the tyres and aluminium parts of the wheels. Since they are grey and black the desature sponge tool was very useful !
- Drop Shadow Layer Style

The Ground Alumium Writing
I wanted to reproduce the logo of the company has it is found on Ferrari Cylinder Head :
Basicly it is a ground aluminium writing with linessurrounding it.

Step 0 : Aluminium like preparation
- Created a separate image with the same width as the working one
- filled with light grey with Bucket Tool
- Added some noise, monochrome type
- applied an horizontal motion blur effect

Step 1 : Ferrari Writing
- Searched for a free Ferrari font in Internet
- Found at http://www.smackbomb.com/famousfonts/fonts/ferrari.html
- Installed it into the WindowsFonts directory and restarted the PC in order to have it available in PhotoShop.
- Back to Aluminium base
- Selected Horizontal Type Mask Tool
- Created a Ferrari writing selection
- Copy

Layer 4 ( Ferrari writing) :
- paste of the previous copied text selection on aluminium base
- Bevel and Emboss ( Outer Bevel Type) Layer Style

Step 2: Horizontal Raws :
- Drawn a Ferrari text on a different layer of the aluminium base
- back to layer 0
- created horizontal selection rectangle as large as the line above the Ferrari writing
- copy

Layer 5 ( Aluminium raws) :
- 4 paste of the horizontal aluminium selection
- vertical displacement of rows to be aligned with the Ferrari writing
- Linked The 4 Layers
- Merge Linked Layer operation to have just 1
- Selection around the Ferrari writing position
- Cut
- Fix Width Selections on the left and on the right
- Cut
- Bevel and Emboss ( Outer Bevel Type) Layer Style

Ok, an now let's start it up:

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Sergio, that's absolutely brilliant. I'll be showing this to my son when he gets home from school, he'll love it. :-)
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Old Jun 8, 2004, 7:51 AM   #4
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I was beginning to wonder why you weren't posting one of your car photos!

As always, you did a grand job. (I still think an auto manufacturer would love to hire you.)

Do you save all the steps you take whenever you edit a photo? None of the rest of us ever seem to give as much detail when describing the steps we've taken. Do you have an easy way of doing this?
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These editings are well done. Only thing missing is Schumi ! The sound of the Ferrari is so nice - I've listen to it over and over...Sweet music it is.
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Old Jun 8, 2004, 11:07 AM   #6
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Sergio, simply brilliant. I really admire the way you detail your methodology, it really helps photoshop newbies like myself.

The sounds was just the icing on the cake - genius
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Old Jun 8, 2004, 11:22 AM   #7
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there is a Hawaiian expression,

Sergio no ka oi.

Sergio is the finest is a rough translation...

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Old Jun 8, 2004, 11:47 AM   #8
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Thank you all for your kind comments.

I'm glad you liked it.

It really took muchmore time than I expected and I've really been tempted sometimes to throw it away andI was very glad when it was over saying : ahhh, it has beenpublished, finally!

Barbara, no special method indeed nor I'm writing dowm what I'm doing in the meanwhile ( it would take quite a lot of time and it will unnecessarily slow down experimentation).

In most cases I just remember all of the steps I have taken , that's all ! In some case I go to the psd to see the exact name of the effect-filter but mainly I remember what I have done cause in most case those are solutions to problems ( turning my ideas into real things ) and there the reasoningbehind a solution is somethingI remember very well : it's not a mnemonic thing.

I use to add my P.S. section since I started posting at steves hoping that would help other people say "hey, so that's the way it works !" as I said when I first looked at steves posts.

In this sense Ziggycomment isrewarding and drives me to keep on this way. Thanx Ziggy.

Thanx Klaus, yes , Keiser Schumi is missing here : I was tempted to add it but that looked too much a Ferrari Fans Flag. Still, I was in doubt : Schumi or Enzo Ferrari ? So I left the Team Logo.

Sound : well, I noticed the audio possibilities of this forum since the very beginning and I was waiting for the good opportunity to exploit them.( I Think there will be other ones in the future...)

For those intersted to other Ferrari sounds : http://redpassion.altervista.org/A_V.htm

selvin , thanx , however steves forum people no ka oi !
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Even though I'm not a Ferrari fanboy I have to admit, that is a great picture.

I haven't got a favourite F1 team. I did flirt with Jordan a few years ago and then McLaren. Renault might be my team of the moment. That little blue car has got so much potential, they just need a more powerful engine. But it's not like football where you live an die by the same team for years on end. At least, it's not if you're not Italian. :-)
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Old Jun 9, 2004, 2:09 AM   #10
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I'm not much into cars but your post including the sound is to die for. At this point the bests short cut for editing stuff seems to be. . .give it to Sergio, or maybe that's called cheating. Whatever. Wonderful effect.

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