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Selvin, if you'd like to dip your toe into the astronomical waters, you can do so for a very modest price using the scope described at this page. The scope is described as being for children but it's not true - many very advanced amateur astronomers actually buy this scope as their "get up and go" scope, the scope which at a moment's notice can be gotten and setup to look at things.

I own this scope and with the proper adapters (which I'm still waiting for for my camera model), you should be able to use it for taking pictures of the Moon and some of the brighter planets and even the Sun if you have a sun filter. Other than for astrophotography, it gives great low power views of the heavens and probably could be used for terrestrial photography as well.

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Thanks for the info.
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Thanks for the comments.

Geoffs, I took this shot with Olympus C5050 handheld to the eyepiece of of a Stellarvue 3" refractorAdapters are indeed expensive and I couldn't justify the cost considering that I take astro pictures only occasionally.

Ferny, the two tripods setup you describe can in principle work fine, but there is one problem the movement of the moon accross the field of view. With high magnification the moon stays in the field for no more than a minute. Providing you don't have a tracking mount this means that you have to almost constantly adjust your tripod to follow the moon. If you have to adjust two tripods it gets even trickier, thats why I opted for handholding my camera. With shutter speeds in the range of 1/250-1/500 I don't have to worry about camera shake.
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I'll give it a proper go when we get some nicer weather and a good moon then. It's to cloudy right now. I have got a telescope. It's not exactly a real one. It is a cardboard Newton Reflecting Telescope kit that I got as a present in February. I haven't finished putting it together. There was in incident with superglue and eye piece lenses. :lol: I really should get it finished. The manufacturer states some bold claims I'm eager to put to the test.

It will nevet give me the best images in the world. But it's a cheap way of deciding if I want to buy a real telescope.
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And if the clouds bursts, thunder in your ear
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Sing along.

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It seems a large number of us would revitalize the great rock of the past, if only we could.
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