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Gorgeous photo, Discodudette

There is a timeless look to your photo...It looks like a Kodak print or slide from the 1950s.

The slightly soft focus only enhances the photo, imho.

Well done
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no i was talking about along the doorish opening....you see the purple? if you can get rid of that...it will be quite nice

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discodudette wrote:
Here I am taking a nap because 8 hours of riding a day doesn't sound like a lot, but it feels like a lot and it takes a toll on your back.

Wow. If I rode a horse that long I wouldn't be able to walk for a week! Are you in training for the Olympics or something? I appreciate your comment on the other picture about your third hand- "mom". Aren't moms great? In my case,wife falls in the same category.


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LOL at your sleeping photo and "mom" comment. Puck, wives are like that; I'm lucky enough to be like your wife - married to a man who recognize that we are, or at least try to be. :-)Moms really are great - sorry to you all that I got the best one. :-)
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Actually if most beginners rode a horse for 8 hours they'd never be able to walk again. I liked the photo the first time I saw it (it must be a horse thing), having seen similar sights many times it made me smile and remember. The second photo made me laugh out loud.

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Old Jun 24, 2004, 10:36 AM   #16
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I'm still recovering. Only rode 2 hours last night!

I love my mom, too bad there isn't more than one mothers day... I think 12 would be a compromisable (sp?) number!

As for that position... My back hurt really really badly because barrel saddles are made to be sit in for only about 16 seconds (The time of a good barrel run).

Nope, I'm not training to go to the olympics, but I do want to go to NBHA world this year hopefully (NBHA= National Barell Horse Association)

Thank you everyone for teh comments!
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