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Nice one disco. :-)
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discodudette wrote:
I didn't know that could damage my camera... i'm sure it did... :-S
I think you'll be unlucky if you have done any damage, but care is in order. With film cameras you were testing the robustness to overheating of the closed shutter and the viewfinding system, and I took hundreds of shots like that with no problems.

With most digicams the CCD is exposed to the image, perhaps including the sun, all the time you're composing the shot. But you'll probably be waving the camera around while you compose it, so no one bit will get seriously frizzled unless you're on a tripod and not moving. I think CCDs must be a lot more robust than human retinas.

I have taken lots of 'contre-jour'footage on my three successive CCD-powered camcorders over 12 years, often including the sun as a starburst like yours, and never seen any damage yet. I've also taken lots of digicam shots like yours, and there's no sign of damage yet.

This discussion really belongs in one of the technical bits of Steve's forums. It's been there before. However, in a 'silhouette' challenge it's a potentially important issue.
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With a SLR or DSLR, it is probably not as much a problem for the CCD since it is protected by the focal-plane shutter and mirror. However the metering sensor is still subject to overload.
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