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MoonGypsy said he was having problems with viruses so I'm making this post for him and others who might find this useful.

Really and truly, you should buy software from a reputable company. You get support from the company and regular updates. I personally use Sophos but there is Norton Anti Virus and McAfee who are recommended by many. AVG Anitvirus is a free program that I have not used before but is recommended by ntlworld. If you feel you may have a virus or just want to check, there is no harm in downloading it to check. Three free online checkers which don't require a download are Panda Activescan, Symantec Security Check and McAffe FreeScan.

These stop people looking at your computer from theirs and stop things on your computer talking to the internet. I use Zone Alarm Pro and you can find a free version on the link I just gave. McAfee and Symnatec (Norton) also make them.

Adware is programs that sit on your computer recording what you look at and then send information to companies. They can also flash up adverts on your computer for no reason. The only program I know of to remove them is Ad-aware and there is a free version at that link. It scans your hard drive (HDD) for such files and then asks you if you want them deleted, left there or quarantined. If you download lots of programs from the internet it may be a good idea to use this. Even if you don't download often, you'll be amazed at how much stuff it will detect on your computer.

Trojans are robots that sit on your HDD which can be controlled by someone else. SwatIt is a free program, which can be upgraded, that will scan your computer for such robots and delete them.

If you download any of the things I've linked you to, check them to see if there is a button to update the software. SwatIt and Ad-aware are two programs which will need updating when you download them. All they will do is connect to their manufacturer's website and ask for a fresh file of stuff to look for on your HDD.
Cnet Downloads is a website where you can search for different types of programs. It is a useful link to have as if you need a pop-up blocker or virus scanner you can search for one there. You will probably find alternatives for the software which I have mentioned here there, if you want to look for them.

And whilst I'm at it, I'll advertise Copernic Agent. A program which you download (there is a free and a paid version) and use to make searches. It uses multiple search engines at once. So if you use google a lot you may want to try this.

I accept no liability for you breaking your computer. :lol:
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Ferny, your willingness to take the time to post all the tools of paranoia is truly appreciated.
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ferny wrote:
I accept no liability for you breaking your computer. :lol:
Wait a minute! I just spilled a latte onto my keyboard and while I was trying to mop it up (with a bucket of soapy water) my computer started to smell funny and the power cord started smoking. You mean I can't sue ferny? :-)

Seriously - what Barb said. Great information to have.
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