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No joking. One day my knee was bad and I ask my sister who is a physiotherapist if it meant anything. She put her hand on it, had a poke and a prod and then told me to move my leg. A loud *CRACK* echoed around the room and it hurt. The only time a crack or a creak has hurt. Why is it that when a trained professional has a look at something they end up making it worse? :lol:

I think part of my problem is that I've never been a flexible person. I have never touched my toes without bending my legs. I'm geared towards burst of energy. Jumping, sprinting etc.
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ferny wrote:
I've never had problems with my eyes as such, and I spend all day staring at a screen to.
Just wait, ferny. You're only 20, right? You've got a ways to go before you reach me. I don't think you'll be saying the same words in 25 years! :-)
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Ahhh the joys of being young.. im off to frolic with my horses and go swimming!! hahah no but really I am off till later today.. see yall later!
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