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OK, here's a stab at this with archived shots. The brighter shot was last summer with my 2Mp Nikon Coolpix. Ideally, I should have stepped this down a few 10ths and it's the lack of detail that prompted me to upgrade my camera. The darker shot was this summer at the same place, the Chicago Botanic Gardens, of the same subject from a different angle, but also a bright day. I think I had accidentally reset the camera (Olympus C5060WZ)to Aperture priority and didn't reset anything, thus this darker image. Neither of the pics are adjusted in any way with software.

So my main Q now is does this meet or not meet the challenge???? If not, any suggestions on what to do to accomplish the challenge??

In contrast to the darker image, here is the same pic with contrast and brightness adjusted....

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Bob, I think this meets the challenge well. We can clearly see this as an example of the correct exposure being most desirable. While certain subjects and themes lend themselves to creativitiy in the lighting department, this photo benefits from the corrections. Nicely done! Thanks for posting all three - the two for the challenge, and then the "right" one. :-)
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As James Brown might reply, "I Feel Good...."
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This is a tough one for me. I like the content of the first photo, if only it was wider to show the entire tower. I prefer the sky in the second photo. The rest of the photo is a bit dark, and I would likely lighten everything except the sky as long as the water reflection looked right. The adjustments to the third image make it appear the sky is blown out. Only in seeing the second photo do I know it isn't.

I hope I'm not conveying criticism. I like the shots. It looks like a great place to photograph.

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Critique and criticism are very different. Critique is conveyed for the benefit of the recipient whereas criticism only benefits the one delivering it. Your critique is very welcome.

As I recall when shooting the first, I was more in tune with the shore line and not really considering the bell tower. The shot may have been better if the tower were totally out of the frame. And definately, yes, I did overcompensate with brightening the sky in correcting the darker image. Again, a polarizing filter may have done wonders for either of these water shots. Plus the skies were much more blue whihc doesn't come out in any of these.

And yes, it is a wonderful place to photograph. If you have a chance, check out the website.... http://www.chicago-botanic.org/ It's a Must-See for any plant, tree, landscaping or photography nut when visiting the area. They have a stunning light show at Christmas time also and open at night for a limited time. Planning to get there this season with my tripod.
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From the challenge point of view, and I'm just using your photos to feel out what is acceptable in this challenge I hope you don't mind, I don't think they qualify. I'm interpreting low key as a dark image with only the import parts standing out and a high key as a bright image with only the important parts visible. Now with your photos I feel the first is slightly over exposed and the second slightly under. I'm not seeing them as high key or low key.

I fully understand that I may be wrong on this. So please tell me if I am as I wouldn't know otherwise.

Now from a photo point of view, I think I've already said enough about the two images. They're nice, just slightly wrong on the exposure side of things. You've done a cracking job to bring in the correct exposure in the third.

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you are correct ferny....

i think we should fix the challenge announcement, to make it more clear of what the challenge is...

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