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here are two links i found, about low/high key shots



i'm gonna keep looking, to end the confusion...


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This is not a defination just a high key example from ACDC.

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I posted this in the challenge writeup but I will also post here:

I heard from our fearless previous leader Barbara, who did a good bit of research to help us all out. I will just cut and paste her PM to Vito and I here:

"High-key and low-key pictures are far easier to spot in black-and-white because the highs and lows are actuallyreferring to thelevel of luminance or depth of gray.

Strictly speaking, ahigh-key picture consists of only lighter gray tones while a low-key picture is the opposite where all the tones are at the dark end of the scale. In a histogram, everythingwill be bunched at one end or the other.

High-key: white cat on snow

Low-key: black cat in coal bin

A number of the people seem to be confusing exposure with key, and they shouldn't. An over-exposed picture isn't high key; it's just plain over-exposed. Same is true for under-exposure and low key. It's the subject, not the exposure, that creates the key.

With colors, it's probably simplest to think of a picture with nothing but light pastels in it as being high-key and one with nothing but very deep shades as being low-key.

So, looking at the definitions, it becomes obvious that a number of the members misunderstood. It has everything to do with subject and very little to do with exposure other than forthe problems encountered by such extreme subjects."

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