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Selvin, I have probably 15 species of phalaeonopsis on photofileand I can see what you mean about their drama. Here are a few quick crops just for your sake and if others get this far....I'll definately try some macros this coming season....Thanks for the suggestion. I think my cards above in the salmon and pickcolorsare thosealso.The salmon one is titled "Gimme A U" I thought it looked like a cheerleader when they are saying that kind of thing.

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Bob, first class pictures.

You're right, many of Hauserman's thumbs are so-so.

The number of new hybrids have literally exploded and I really don't know how my son can identify some of the stuff.

The following has been hanging around my garden for years despite my woeful lack of care. Orchids are fairly hardy most of the time.

The above shows whatlots of patience can do with some very marginal equipment. Taken with HP photosmart 315 digital fixed focus, no bells and whistles and a third party add on macro lens that came close to a Rube Goldberg contraption.

I can understand why Hauserman keeps its trade secrets behind closed doors. The same is true here in Hawaii although it is also true that to keep the purity of the cross they go to extraordinary lengths not to allow potential cross-contamination of the pollination from outside sources(this includes visitors who have not been scrubbed).Dsease is another serious problem.One local grower had to discard 100's of thousands of seedlings because of viral contamination brought in from outside.


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