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I took this shot with my mobile phone camera, something I'm enjoying to do recently.

The quality is aswful, however this cam is always with me.

In this case I took this shot in a subway station.

When I took the shot however the subway was too slow for the shutter speed ( which was it ? Who knows, no control at all on it !!!!).

I wanted to give a movement suggestion and so I editedwith Photoshop to digitally create the motion effect.

This is the result :
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P.S. :

The question was : how can I make a digital motion effect only on the subway and in such a way that perspective is kept as well ?

The first answer is easy: it's just a matter of selecting the train.

The second one cannot be immediatly replied by mean of the Motion blur.

Yes, we can use a direction of the motionblur but it will be applied with the same intensity both to the nearest parts of the subway and to the farest ones.

Still , it doesn't deal with perspective, i.e. motion lines will be parallel and not converging towards the end of the train.

The answer was to use the Radial Blur, Zoom Type.

This blur starts with small values on the center ( of theimage or of the selection if it exists)and grows towards the boundaries providing the effect of a zoom.

Thats was good. However had I applied it as it was the center of the zoom would have been on the center of the subway and this wouldn't have been correct.

This filter however let you set the center of the zoom by clicking with the mouse on a grid. The corresponding position on the image (or, like in this case ) on the selection, will be the center for the zoom blur.

In our shot I selected as a zoom center the farest part of the subway ( with respect to the train it was on the extreme left and 1/4 from top of the selection).

This image shows the original shot, the subway selection and the Motion Blur filter window with the setup I used to create the effect I wanted to get :

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Wow - these are really good shots, sergio. That camera is slick, isn't it?!?! Thanks for the details on how you got this one right. It almost looks like an ad for a mobile phone. :-)
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I like these shots! I live right next to the trains tracks (the right side of course). I have been wanting to go out and try to capture some speed shots of the train going by me like yours. Thank goodness it doesn't go to fast. So I'll be out there tomorrow morning at 8:30am waiting for the shot! You inspired me!

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