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sorry to hear that news, I lost a close friend at just 40 years of age to cancer last year, such a pity that with all the technology today we cant cure all disease.
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Cancer is especially hard because it can end up anywhere once it metastasizes (cells break out from the original tumor site). The brain is usually a "first stop" for cells from lung/chest cancer, and that's what eventually got Sherry. Even if they could have shrunk the brain tumor, metastatic cancer is like smoke--it's very difficult to round it all up and get rid of it. Any little bit that escapes chemo or radiation can start it all over again.

At least she isn't hurting anymore.
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First off my condolences she seems to have meant a lot to you. I have in the past when i have lost a friend or dear relative that it is a good time to reflect; not only only her, but on what she cared about in you. Use this as a time to fix whatever it is that is causing you trouble so that you can continue to be the person she cared about.

I was in the unfortunate position 6 or 7 years ago to have an old friend kill himself. From that point on i swore an oath of nonviolence which has in recent years served well. It seems that whenever you take up some dedication to something the deceased cared about it is like carrying them along whereever you go.
I hope that wherever she is now she is enjoying the fruits of a lifetime of work.
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