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I tried and tried to get nice industrial looking photos or something metal or whatnot, but they made me too cold. I need something warm here when its -40* or something like that.

It's just a simple scarf, but I liked it for some reason. Any suggestions welcomed with open arms.
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The main point of focus would look better on the left with that shape. It's the brightest part so immediately attracts my attention but it's leading my eye away from everything on the left. If it was curving the other way or was on the left itself it'd stop that. But this is just me, others may feel differently. Try to reflect some light into the dark areas to. Nick some tin foil from the kitchen and use that.

It's a good base to start from though.
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I sympathise with you. It's hard to be too creative when it's so flippin' cold outside. I like it, but I'm biased since it was awfully cold here.
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