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Challenge January 26th - February 8th

Shutters and Apertures

What we want you to do this time is think of an idea of a photograph, decide if the aperture or shutter speed is the more important aspect of how you take it and then take the photo. In other words, we want you to set your camera in shutter or aperture priority mode.

What use is shutter priority? If you want to freeze an object in the photograph you'll have to use a fast shutter speed. If you want to blur an object you'll have to set a slow one. After you have decided what you want to do you must set the shutter speed you feel is appropriate. The camera will control the aperture to get you a good exposure.
What use is aperture priority? Normally it is used to control the dof, the area of the photograph in focus. If you only want a small amount of the photo to be in focus you'll want to set the aperture to a small number, opening up the hole in the lens. If you want lots of it to be in focus you'll want to reduce the size of the hole in the lens by selecting a bigger number. You set the aperture for the desired effect and the camera sets the shutter speed.

Shutter speed and apertures can be used for special effect to. As said, a slow shutter speed and introduce blur. Blur is normally hated but when intentional can make a very good photograph. A slow shutter speed can also remove people from photographs. The aperture can be used to give you a star effect on sources of light. A bit like a star filter.

So, the challenge is. Think about a photograph you want to take, decide what is more important, shutter of aperture, set the camera into the desired mode and press the button. Of course, if you have photographs where you have already done this then please show them to us. Please tell us what you were trying to achieve. It doesn't matter if you didn't get what you wanted if you're asking for help, showing examples of posting an interesting photograph which didn't come out as you expected.

High Speed Photography
Water Drops
A Very Small Amount On Slow Speeds
And Some Info On Depth Of Field (dof)
Antoher High Speed Link
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If only this was posted about a week earlier...

Oh, that reminds me, I have to go over to the closeup forum and explain my balloon pictures, that completely slipped my mind....oops!

I bet I can think of some cool high speed shots.
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Hi Ferny. There is a lot one can do with this challenge. I will have some shots later this week.

I should like to point out a feature that many DSLR cameras have, Shifted Program Mode. If you have the camera in automatic (program) mode, and you want to boost your depth of field or quickly grab that action shot, you don't have to take the time to shift to aperture or shutter priority or manual. You push the shutter release part way down to get the exposure reading. Then you rotate the command dial in one direction to increase shutter speed while opening the aperture. In the other direction it does the opposite. In either case, the actual exposure value (e.g. the amount of light reaching the CCD) stays the same. If you increase the aperture, the camera adjust the shutter speed to compensate.

On my D100, the shifted mode remains set after shooting the picture and must be manually reset. On other cameras, the shifted mode is reset automatically after shooting the picture.

I am presenting this because I think use of shifted program mode qualifies for this challenge. Any comments?

Cal Rasmussen
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i don't see anything wrong with using that mode...because the major side of this challenge, is to use certain settings to get the desired effect...
in your case, you'd be setting both yourself..

lol, i never leave manual mode..except for a random shot indoors..

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As long as you're setting either the aperture or shutter for a reason other than to get perfect exposure then it's fine. If that makes sense. So essentially, anything other than a photo taken in fully manual mode will fit the challenge.

I just added a new high speed link to the first post.
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