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photosbyvito wrote:
i apologize for my above comments...i was kinda mad about the critique comment...and my comments after that were very "into myself"

so i'm sorry for that..

what i mean about the challenges though

were, that, i'm going to critique according to what will look better, or be more effective, not necessarily what will fit the challenge better...

again, i'm sorry for my comments above...
Well Vito I apologize too. Sometimes "Old dogs have sharp teeth" and you didn't deserve the crit slam. The way you moderate and crit the work arround here I will say this,"You are up there with some of the best", . Keep up the good work...TDT
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Did I miss something? What kind of skull is it. Deer?

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Dropping in for one of my periodic visits, I tripped over this little discussion and sat thinking about it, trying to get at the root of the problem. It sure looks like it involves definitions. I know precisely what you meant, Vito, when you posed this challenge, and it was the kind of high contrast you see in the work of Ansel Adams--who nevertheless worked to cover as wide a range of grays as possible. There's also super-high contrast, which lops over into the world of graphic design, rather like black ink on white paper.

Some of us here are rather old dogs. We used film for years, developing it ourselves and printing our own pictures, but we can alwaysbenefit fromsome shaking up by young whippersnappers such as our own Vito. Young eyes see things that old ones may forget to look at.

Then again, I remember a conversation with you, Vito,in which I suggested you look far back in history when some amazing photographers took equally amazing photographs. You told me you didn't like that old-fashioned style. Just as we old folks can learn fromyou young ones, so can you young folks learn from old ones...even the kind who've been dead an inordinate amount of time.

You can tell I'm not dead yet by the fact that I'm still blabbering.

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