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I'm not liking it.
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It looks like a pencil drawing, that is what I see in it. There was an art technique taught to me in high school for being able to tell if something will be easy to draw in black and white. You take the colored picture and Xerox it. Yes, I'm afraid I show my age but there aren't many pictures that actually transfer to black and white with as much contrast as this picture has. Atleast, not in my experience. It would be a good candidate for a grid drawing.

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This is not a happy tree. The image is a bit small to really judge, but the contrast and lack of detail give it a metallic look. The crop doesn't really show enough to tell if the picture is of a very tall tree taken with a telephoto, or a small one taken with wide angle.

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Taken by Andreas Feininger sometime between 1953 and 1958 for his book, "The Anatomy of Nature," it was one of his rejects. The book was subtitled "How function shapes the form and design of animate and inanimate structures throughout the universe," which was in turn derived from his feeling that many picture books try only to prove that the world is beautiful but none have tried to show that "nature is not so much beautiful as [it is] functional." Though this specific photograph was rejected, it was nevertheless made to show "that trees, like all living things...possess a bracing skeleton...which gives them stability and form."

This picture is of a white ash with only just enough of it shown to reveal its characteristics and to identify it.

Purpose of picture: to reveal rather than to enhance.
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