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Good contrast - very stark picture. The tree almost has a face, and the foliage creates a dark halo. This could almost be the Old Man Willow from Tolkien's book. (left out of the movie version, youngsters)

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Edward Weston had one of the finest photographic eyes in the history of the camera. I don't always like his pictures, but so what? This amazing tree was photographed in 1938. It's a juniper at Lake Tenaya in Yosemite National Park and was chosen by Time-Life's series of books on photography to illustrate the effect of huge depth of field. Both the nearby tree and the distant clouds are in focus. However, this same photo could have been chosen to illustrate contrast control, composition, and effect of light. Though it's hard to tell in a compressed photo that comes from having scanned a picture in a book that was, in turn, printed via the screening process, I'm willing to bet nearly anything that this photograph is technically perfect in every way. Weston wouldn't have allowed anyone to see it otherwise.

This is far from being one of my favorite Weston pictures, but as I said above, so what? It just means I have a lack somewhere that makes me incapable of seeing in this example anything beyond Weston's technical ability.
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