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Myfirst thought on thispic, (apart from that Barbara needs something to eat, fast. If that's not a contradiction), was that they look like the Guardians to a magical forest at the path entrance to.....................who knows where ???

Then Cal stuck a spanner in the works with his 'car' vision. Maybe it is a magical forest after all !!

It's now been bugging me for an hour as to what the mystery object actually is. I'm sure it's not a car and definitely not the sky. I toyed with the idea it is a floodlight of sorts, with sensors to switch on and off, (could explain why the visible one was off),which could mean there were more, one of which could be lighting the lit tree. But Vito has already said it was the sun partially blocked. There is a definite rectangular shape in the middle of the car/floodlight/????. Could it be a building ? A hide perhaps or rest area. Or maybe the Park Wardens (ranger ?) office.

Ah well, that's the 'magic' of photography.

Nice picture Vito.

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hmm..good point..that could be the 'odd' point...

how the sun is blocked in the middle of the tree...

my guess is it's just a large branch...i dunno :-\

definetely the magic of photography ;-)

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