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Today I have to go back to the parts of life I've joyfully avoided for two weeks, but before life's annoyances take over, I want to thank all of you for welcoming me back into the group--and a wonderful group it is: friendly, always aware of the feelings of others, here to learn and to teach but never becoming so serious as to forget how to play.

Don't count me out, though. I may not be able to show up on a constant basis, but I'll be darned if I'm going to go as long as I did in the past months without dropping in periodically to discuss pictures, to think about them, and to play with a wonderful gang of people.

Appointment in an hour and a half. Time to turn off the computer.

Selvin's "aloha" contains both goodbye and hello, and so it's the perfect word...

Aloha from Barbara
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Thank you for sharing your time with us and for suggesting this most excellent challenge. It has been fun and very educational. I look forward to more like.

Keep in touch. I know you are busy but do stop in from time to time so that you and I can continue our discussion of "honest" photography!


Cal Rasmussen

P.S. I'll be going back to the land of Aloha in August for another week of cruising and touring.
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Hi Barbara,

It's been fun & thought provoking. ...

Good luck with the other stuff!

Hopefully see you again before too long.

With thanks.

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Cal, Ilove arguing with you, but it seems I'mslowly becoming a believer in honestphotography. Before you know it, we'll have nothing to argue about at all. How will we get our fun then? Maybe we can form a gang of two and pick on everyone else.

Canna, there's too much enjoyment to be had here to stay away for long. Even today it happened. The appointment was dealt with, personal economics were handled, and I managed to not have a heart attack when filling the car with gas priced somewhere along the lines of black caviar. I attended to several messes and even got supper started, and where am I now? Yup.

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