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Old May 7, 2005, 10:30 AM   #11
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oh i love this :-D

i didn't know whatthe phrase "burning bridges" actually meant..but i saw what you were going for

very well thought out, and nice work with the composition :-D

how many papers did you go through before you got the timing right? this looks like a shot that you need 3 arms to be able to do easily, without too much juggling

very nice

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Actually Vito it didn't take very many attempts. This one was a magic hat moment I suppose.

I set up with my tripod and thought about what I wanted it to look like. I chose the placement for the paper before I burnt it. Did the adjustments of the f-stop and the aperture. Took a few test run pics and set the notebook paper a flame. It took a second to actually catch on fire. So, I snapped the shot while it was starting. That is why there are different colors in the flame. Of course I blew it out each time I snapped a shot and set it on fire again. I burnt all four corners of the paper but this one came out more of the way I was thinking. Honestly, I would have liked the paper to have been more in focus. Greater DOF but then it wouldn't have had the fogginess atribute of a memory. So... it works. It wasn't quite what I wanted but it works. I wonder what it would have looked like had I used a fog filter. I'm not certain, I've never used one before.
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Nice shot Jane, I really like the meaning of this one too.

Best regards,

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Old May 9, 2005, 8:23 AM   #14
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I simply love the way you add meanings to the shots, Plain Jane !
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Old May 9, 2005, 11:18 AM   #15
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AWESOME "previsualization", Plain Jane.

I echo the sentiments of BrtSergio.
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