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Last saturday I followed the advice of a big friend of mine and I went shooting in my city as a tourist in my own town.
I shot tens and tens of shots at the Estensi Castle, an ancient yet perfectly kept monument whose main building started in 1385 ( http://images.google.it/images?q=cas...ense&hl=en ).

When I came home and looked at the thumbnails I realized I took several shots whose common feature was the closeup on the bridge chains ( some were really drawchains and some where old chains placed along the bridges to avoid to lean out ).
There were enough shots to make a small serie.
I then started to experiment with photoshop to find out a common way of elaborating them in order to provide a constistent look to all of the photos of the serie.
I found it and here's the serie to you.

Bridge Chains And The Castle ( Front Page ) :

Bridge Chains And The Castle (1) :

Bridge Chains And The Castle (2) :

Bridge Chains And The Castle (3) :

Bridge Chains And The Castle (4) :

P.S. :
Layer 0 :

- Crop
- Perspective Correction and image transformation by means of Select All - Skew and Distort editing. ( Some slanted lines have been left on purpose )
- Level & Contrast Adjust
- Unsharp Mask
- Copy

Layer 1 :
- Paste of Layer 0
- Layer Blend Mode set to Multiply|Color Dodge|Color Burn depending on shots in order to enhance chains.
- In some cases, depending on belnding mode, erasing of other parts.

Layer 2 :
- Hue-Saturation Adjustment Layer for Sepia colorizing

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too gorgeous for words man...
awesomes use of toning!

i absolutely love the first one!
they all rock though
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You've done an exceptional job with these chains--certainly with composition, perspective, focus, and all the standard things we need to know how todo well--but you accomplished something beyond these things, and that's recognizing something beyond the picture: an entire concept.

As always, Sergio, I applaud you!


P.S. to the rest of us: We could all do this same thing, pretending to visit our towns for the very first time. What wonders might we see?
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Wonderful series!I really enjoyed all the different levels of focus in the pix, & the toning is great.Love thesoft focuscastle and water reflections behind the chains in no. 1....

Thanks for sharing your skills as well.


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I would never have thought that great lumps of metal in the form of chains could ever look Bellissimo. But you have achieved this with your wonderful presentation.

Top marks Sergio.

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Excellent series, I really ike your perspective and composition on these and choice of color toning. Thank you for posting technique aswell.

Most excellent style,

Hats off,

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