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I treasure our garden, where my wife does all the hard, artistic stuff, and I strenuously mow the lawn and then enjoy the view. This is what accidentally passes for a vegetable patch at present, and to prove it there's some everlasting spinach in the foreground.

You can't eatthe flowersbut I like them.
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Alan, I have seen some wonderful pictures from you but this one kinda leaves me scratching my head. It is not one of your better shots. I know your garden is a treasure to you but this photo doesn't convey that. A different angle or zoom might make a big difference.

An instructor in a photography class I took many years ago advised to always follow the "KISS" principal. Translated, that's "Keep It Simple Sir". I changed the last word so as not to offend. This same instructor also constantly advocated getting in close to your subject.

This photo is a landscape but no obvious subject jumps out at me. My eyes are constantly moving around the photo to zero in on something but the only thing they land on are the blue flowers. I don't think that was your intent.

How about trying a couple more shots with different angles and/or zoom and posting them to this thread.

Have a good weekend.

Cal Rasmussen
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Actually Alan, I think it looks like my backyard, unkempt but still treasured. I do think even though Cal does make a strong point for lack of focus. I tended to overlook that and figured it was just unkempt.

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