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One of the advantage of the digital camera is to be able to control the overall color balance of the image. With film, you have films that are designed for outdoor, sunny day use and other films designed for indoor use. The difference is the way they render color. Indoor light, where the dominant light source is incandescent lighting, tends to be redder than sunlight. Fluorescent lighting is greener than sunlight. If you use outdoor film indoors without filters, the pictures have a reddish tint (or green with fluorescent). On the other hand, if indoor film is used outdoors, the pictures will have a blue tint.

OK, this forum is about digital cameras. Digital cameras have to solve the same problems with light color. However instead of choosing different film for indoors vs. outdoors or using filters to correct the color balance, we have white balance.

Most digital cameras have predefined settings for cloudy, sunlight, incandescent, flourescent, and a manual setting. You can get the same problems as film if you use the wrong setting in the wrong place. For example, if you use the incandescent setting outdoors, your pictures will be blue, whereas if you use the sunlight setting indoors, the pictures will be reddish or green depending on the lighting.

Most of us know how to set white balance properly. The objective in this challenge is to INTENTIONALLY USE THE WRONG SETTING and show us the results. Try to be creative and make something artistic from the use of wrong settings. The results can be most interesting. Think outside the box. Play around with the manual settings and instead of using a white piece of paper to set WB, try a red paper or a green paper. The results will surprise you.

Please refer to your camera manual for proper use of manual white balance.

As usual, place the words "White Balance" in your subject line. Now go out and do it WRONG!

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Good one, Cal. Setting the "wrong" white balance is a poor man's filter. (Sunsets at noon anyone?) This means thatthose of uswho shoot in RAW mode will have to go back to TIFF or JPEG since white balance is ignored otherwise. Or can we cheat and set the wrong white balanceduring conversion? Nah, I know this isn't what you're after, right?

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Hi Barbara,
You're right! This is really a teaching exercise. Hopefully, after this challenge is over, people will know what to look for when their pictures are blue or orange and know how to fix it.

I know that the intent of the challenge forum is to teach and hone photography skills. There have been a few "show and tell" topics and I think that is ok. There may be more in the future but this week we are learning about our camera. No Photochopping or using old pictures unless they were accidently shot with the wrong WB.

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hey cal

with my G2, i had an idea, to try to set the custom white balance, with different color sheets of paper..

unfortunately, the G2's white balance was too smart to fool it with that!

it would somehow read the light on the color, and fix it..

sometimes with a slight tint...but not like i thought (wanted)..

maybe my 300D won't be as high tech

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Drat! My camera doesn't support any of these color-correction features. =/
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