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I noted there is a sparcity of entries so here we go with a slight spin on things.

First image was taken with auto white balance (AWB):

Before you jump to conclusions look at the second shot taken with custom WB

Okay which looks better and then which is correct?

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Hi Selvin
Not knowing what the church actually looks like at night, it is hard to evaluate the two photos. Based on my experience with night shooting, it looks like the auto WB went with a daylight setting, hence the orange tones. The second photo looks "flat", almost monochrome. Did you set the WB from a white or gray card or something else.

I normally use the incandescent or tungsten setting for night shooting. When I formerly shot film, I would use a blue (80A I think) filter with daylight film to accomplish the same thing.

I just this morning learned how to use the manual WB setting on my D100 so tonight I will see what kind of bizarre things I can come up with!

Cal Rasmussen
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Old Jun 2, 2005, 10:16 AM   #3
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My guess is that the first is most correct to the human eye.....
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Old Jun 2, 2005, 2:08 PM   #4
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I like the second, it has a spooky look. What did you change to achieve the look?

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My sense is that the "correct" setting might be somewhere in between the two photos...unless there's some oddly colored light from a street light or something similar.

Like Suzan, I prefer the color of the second photo. Those greenish tones are, as she said, just a bit spooky.

Auto white balance isn't very impressive, is it?Anyway, it sure isn'tin my camera.

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Old Jun 2, 2005, 10:57 PM   #6
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woah...i'm amazed the first one was auto!

although the second definetely is the 'correct' version...because the light is white...

the thing i found out about white balance, a couple months ago...is,

I usually don't like it when the light is white..lol, i usually keep it on the "cloudy" setting when shooting outside, (although i shoot RAW and it doesn't matter anyway lol...saves time switching buttons on the converter...since the image is fine out of camera...) so the camera gives it a warmer tint to it..

i think the first shot is more natural, but mainly because it's a night shot, and your eyes don't seem to compensate for tints as much at night..

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Old Jun 3, 2005, 1:21 PM   #7
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Cal, Bob, Barbara, Vito, Suzan,

The AWB (not the Average White Band) is really too orange. The Custom was set a a low temp tungsten and until you mentioned it Barbara I hadn't noticed the slightly greenish cast. It is actually the most accurate of the two.

As Vito suggested perhaps our eyes are compensating for the fact that we know the stonework shuld be grey and lights should be white so the brain says we should not see an orange tint.

Personally I sort of like the orange (first) shot as synthetic as it looks.

Mahalo for the comments.
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