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I don't know if we are discouraged from opening new threads here that are not challenge posts, but this is more a response to the previous post about critique.

I was going to post it there, but I thought it should have its own thread.

First of all, I think everyone on this forum should assume their photo will be critiqued if there is room for criticism. This is not a site like pbase, where we are simply hosting our photos. I post my photos to accomplish 2 things: Show everyone what an interesting photo I've taken, and 2: Get comments! I think it is a natural part of the learning process to have someone show me where there is room for improvement, and how I might go about making those improvements.

That having been said, here's an idea that I don't know if it will work, but I think given the nature of a website it seems like a sensible approach:

On every post in this section, the Weekly Photo Challenge, have an automatically generated post which is a form. All visitors get to vote on the image in a few categories, say
  • Quality of appearance (fuzziness, sharpness, etc.)[/*]
  • Use of lighting[/*]
  • Color[/*]
  • Use of angle / perspective
...etc. You guys know more about the elements of an image so I think you could come up with a handful of items that can be viewed as individual elements to be voted on. Not too many, we want to keep it simple.

This way, all visitors vote on a picture by selecting the rating for each element, say * to ****.

Once the challenge is over, the topratings are announced - the one's whos average rating is above a certain value.

This is just an idea, and it surely is not meant to suggest that we have "winners" and "losers," it is more just a gimmick that can accomplish the following: First of all, it gives the poster a quick concise view of where there is room for improvement, and what elements have made a positive impact on the viewer. Second, it gives all us amateurs a guideline of elements to try to watch when we take our pictures. We will be able to learn to have more control over the specific elements that are being judged.

Again, it is not a contest, just a little gimmick to provide feedback on everyone's image.

What do y'all think?
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hey daniel..
although i agree with you about critiques, ratings in any form usually don't work as well..

your idea of ratings might be better then judging by a flat score, but it can still cause problems

the second problem would be, i don't think the forum software would be capable of setting up a form for your posts :-p

we 'could' set up a critiquing system, that breaks down the image to composition, exposure, sharpness, dof, mood, and things like that. that might work...

thanks for your input daniel!
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Yes, as I said, I didn't really know if thesystem would be easily implemented in the forum, but still, this method in some form or another can help everyone to see where they need improvement.
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I agree with Vito. Any kind of scoring system or rating system is too much like a competition. That's not what we want here. Also, it is often difficult to be objective. Not all challenges are intended to produce "beautiful" photos. The current challenge is a good example. The purpose of this challenge is encourage people to learn how to use a function of their camera that is often overlooked--manual white balance. It is also to help people understand the limitations of the preprogrammed WB settings. The photos here are to illustrate the differents effects of different WB settings in different situations. They don't require all the elements of a good photograph to show these techniques.

Future challenge topics may place more emphasis on overall technique but will still focus on some aspect of photography that we can learn from. "Show and Tell" topics have been criticized and will be minimized in the future. If you want to post a photo for overall critique, post it in the critique forum. ALL photos in this forum are subject to comment and critique. That is why we are here.

Critiquing is subjective. Everyone has different views and opinions on how things should be done and that is how it should be. Trying to reduce critiquing to a scoring system is simply not feasable. And as Vito said, probably not supported in the forum software.

Cal Rasmussen
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Oh well.

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